Tribes - 4 Men and a Baby

This is a compilation of all known (and available) Tribes demos, rarities, and high-profile live recordings, collecting music from early 2010 right through to mid 2012.

Included are:

  • The four Myspace demos from March 2010: Sappho (full band), Himalaya, Houses (unreleased as yet), Whenever.
  • The Maida Vale Session from early 2011: Not So Pretty, Himalaya, We Were Children.
  • Miscellaneous demos from 2011: Halfway Home (as featured on Mystery Jets’ BBC6Music takeover in 2012), Fate On Tape (as partly featured on a 2011 tour promotional video).
  • The 5 Johnny acoustic demos from the gold tape cassette, handed out at Dingwalls in 2011: Bad Apple, Nightdriving/Useless God (previously made available as a free download on the band’s website), Sappho, With You (unreleased as yet), Wrapped Up In A Carpet.
  • The flip side of the tape cassette, a live EP also made available for free download on the band’s website: We Were Childen, Coming Of Age, Whenever, Himalaya.
  • Re-recorded free download, circa summer 2012: Coming Of Age.

This is all that currently exists (for free) online, as the demos of We Were Children and When My Day Comes are still available on iTunes on their respective EPs.

There is still some lost material out there, such as an unheard song called Wake Up, and a possible studio version of Dumb It Down, currently only available in low quality bootleg form, from Y-Not Festival in 2011.

If anyone else has any other demos, rarities, or some good quality live bootlegs, then please get in touch!

Big thankyou to Michelle Lansford and Jodie Mae-Finch for some of these tracks.


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